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Malcolm Rogers our registrar for Dauphines and Florides has been involved with Renault cars for twenty plus years having owned the splendid example below for 15 years. Malcolm is currently restoring a  Floride and very involved in supporting members in maintaining their Dauphines.

Our club has got off to a good start and we do have 28  with Dauphines 60+ 4CV750s and a spread of other models. At present we have members looking for Dauphines but they do not seem to come up very often.

Spares for these cars are now quite readily available and most parts can be obtained within a few days even some body panels.

The club would like to here from Dauphine owners, you will be welcome regardless of the condition of your car we are here to help.

Contact Malcolm on 01933 357 556                                                                                scroll down on the right for a brief history

The Dauphine was introduced at the 1955 motor show and went on sale in 1956. Early cars used the star type wheels as per the 4CV, also, there are no scripts on the wings or stainless steel waist stripes. The Dauphine was larger than the 4CV, the model it was replacing.

The body shape was completely new with several distinguishing features. The front bumper has a raised centre section which allowed for easy access to the drop down panel which hid the spare wheel, the headlights were mounted into the large one piece front opening boot lid which has an ingenious locking device inside the car. The rear wings incorporate the air intakes with a front grille which channels air to the radiator, the bottom half of the rear doors where thus shaped to accommodate these intakes. The rear panel has a series of vertical slits which allows the heat from the engine to be expelled. One of the obvious things that appears to be missing is the fuel filler, this in fact is situated inside the engine bay

The boot is surprisingly large and deep but shares its space with the battery bay. The interior seats 4 adults in reasonable comfort.  The dashboard is pure basics with the simplest of instrument panels and controls.  Early cars were fitted with drum brakes, 6 volt electrics and 3 speed manual gearbox, later cars were fitted with 4 speed manual gearboxes, disc brakes and 12 volt electrics.

A sports version badged Gordini was available which had a re-worked 845cc engine and 4 speed gearbox.

In 1961 two models were introduced. The first being the Ondine in both normal and Gordini forms. The former delivered 30bhp and the later 40bhp from its 845cc engine. The car had whitewall tyres, slotted wheels, stainless steel trim, long chromed rear bonnet hinges, specially designed scripts, lower front bumper bar, black dashboard, two tone steering wheel, two tone upholstery, reclining front seats and pleated door pockets.

Below is a selection of UK Members Dauphines

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