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Malcolm is the Registrar for the Floride introduced in 1959 and the Caravelle introduced in 1964. He is very happy to provide advice on 01933357556

Well our new club has been established some years now and to date we have 27 Forides/Caravelles. I am sure there are other Florides/ Caravelles out there and we would be delighted to hear from you .

Our experience to date is that members have been working very much on their own and were not aware that some spares are available from specialist suppliers. As we progress I hope this will become an active and supportive section of the club and we will eventually see the model represented at our club events.  Malcolm

 The Caravelle was introduced in 1964 and was powered by the 1108cc engine which was used in both the 8 and 10.

The major differences between this and the Floride is the absence of the side air intakes (a grille was added into the bonnet as per 8/10), square hard top roof shaping and the Dauphine badge replaced by the diamond badge sited just beneath the front boot and the Caravelle text, this also dispensed with the side wing text.

Other changes included different front indicators and headlights. The twin horns are chrome plated and very visible under the bumper.  The Caravelle also used the same suspension, braking and steering components as for the Eight. The last one being made in 1968.

Below Malcolm's Floride.The final picture is from advertising material at the time.

The prototype Floride was introduced at the Paris Automobile Show in 1958 and production started in May 1959. It has a tuned version of the Dauphine 845cc engine and adopts the same layout with a 3 speed manual gearbox as standard and a 4 speed as an optional extra. The Floride shared the Dauphines drum brakes, mechanicals, steering and suspension.

The Floride was available in three versions: Coupe, Cabriolet and Cabriolet Convertible. The Coupe has a permanent roof, the Cabriolet only has a soft top which can be raised or lowered and the Cabriolet Convertible has both a removable hard top and a softop, this is lowered to fix the hard top.

In 1962 the Floride S (special) appeared (bottom right). It shared the early Eights' 956cc engine and was fitted with disc brakes all round - a departure from drums. The most obvious body difference was that the side air intake grilles disappeared and a grille on the bonnet appeared.  To complicate matters, the Floride was sold in America as the Caravelle as were the later 8 based (1108cc) Caravelles.

After talking to fellow members at Wroughton recently it prompted me to send in some photographs of my Caravelle for publication on the members pages. It’s fairly well known in South Wales but doesn’t get out anywhere near as much as it used to! This summer hasn’t helped! Too many other commitments and not enough time.

I have owned it for 24 years and it was purchased as a non runner in poor condition but more or less complete. From the registration number it was assumed to be the first car registered in Swansea on the CY plate in 1964. I also have a significant amount of history that I researched including original service bills! I won’t bore you with the details but restoration was fairly extensive and I was pleased with the result. I think it could do with some fettling for its 25th anniversary (of my ownership that is). Put back on the road in 1986 I have found it difficult to part with it since. They sort of do that to you don’t they!

I hope members enjoy the photographs above. My favourite is the shot with the lake at Bryn Bach Park in the background. A contemporary spin on a period Renault brochure I own.

Floride Restoration

Kevin’s Restoration Project Click here for more pictures