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1948 Renault Eight

In 1968, there was only 1 pre-war and 3 post war Renault "Eight" models remaining, according to official Renault UK records; in 2011, this is now down to 1 vehicle, recent restoration completed by myself.

Other right hand drive “Juvaquatre” vehicles still exist but were French manufactured and sold in such countries as Sweden, where at the time of manufacture, this country drove on the left hand side of the road.


The Renault “Eight” was different to its European counterparts in a few ways. On the front bumper there are two small plates either side of the starting handle hole; one plate says “RENAULT” and the other says “EIGHT”. “Trico” semaphore trafficators were on the lower “A” pillar before the war and on the upper “B” post after the war. The oblong rear number plate/rear light was\positioned on the right hand side of the rear below the fuel filler, unlike the othersbeing on the left hand rear side. Otherwise the external appearance was identical.


The interior of the Renault “Eight” featured after the war, a front bench seat with a painted tubular back rail. All the seating was leather unlike upholstery or leather cloth on the French counterparts. A chord to the offside roof area operated the rear window blind. The major difference was the dashboard that featured the twin circular dials and no incorporated glove box. However, a wooden lower glove box was fitted below the dashboard.



The Renault “Eight” had several British components. A Delco Remy distributor and Coil were fitted along with UK made instruments. The carburettor was a UK made Solex 22IAC unit. Brake wheel cylinders were UK made Lockheed units


John Henderson

September  2011

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This lovely 1948 British built Renault Eight
was painstakingly restored by John Henderson.

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