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The Renault 16 first released in 1965 was very new and full of innovation. A true hatch back in a mid sized family car which was quiet and comfortable with a huge load carrying capacity We now have 32 R16s on the club Register. If you own a Renault 16 why not join us and have the support of our active registrar Paul Draper

Paul Draper our R16 registrar has many years experience of driving and restoring the R16. Paul has five 16s and can often be seen driving around the UK and on the continent in his cars. Paul believes the cars are to be driven. Paul has good contacts with suppliers and other enthusiasts in Europe and speaking to him can be of great assistance if you are working on your 16.

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The Renault 16 is a comfortable saloon which is more than capable of  keeping pace with modern traffic. The original advertising brochure  described the 16TX as a car to cruise all day on the European motorways

As with all classic cars the best policy is to buy the best car that you can afford and avoid major repairs. Some owners will be looking for a restoration project but even then it is important to be aware of the areas of the car which need expert repair if the car is to be safe on the road.

Almost all cars are repairable but if the rust too severe it is best to look for another vehicle. I would always recommend talking to the club Registrar Paul Draper  before a purchase as he knows many of the cars and has had much experience of the R16.

The most serious area for rust is the chassis around the rear suspension and the rear inner wheel arches and this can sometimes be difficult to spot. There are specialist repairers such as Marlow Motors 01536 723577 who can effect safe repairs but many welders will not tackle this area or perform inadequate repairs.

Other areas to think of.

In general terms the mechanical side of the vehicle is fairly robust and most problems can be resolved.

Engines are strong and have been known to exceed 200,000 miles but problems can present if the cooling system has been neglected and the car has either overheated or been left for a long time.

The interiors can present a problem The vinyl interiors are robust and don't often cause much concern, the cloth interiors however can deteriorate in the sunlight and are more prone to damage and cigarette burns.   Replacement interiors can be found but they were produced in many shades and you may not find the exact brown for instance.

In most extreme circumstances the seats can always be reupholstered but this is relatively expensive.