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Front Engine Cars  -  Renault 4 - 1961-1993

The Renault 4 was in production prior to 1976 and therefore owners of ALL Renault 4s are eligible for  club membership we feel this car has a real future as a classic, this car has fond memories  for many people and was an innovative workhorse in it's day.

We are very keen to develop an active R4 section within the club and welcome new members.

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Hello fellow Classic Renault Owners, my name is Derek Flavell and I have taken over the position of R4 registrar from Liam who’s reports were very much appreciated.

I would like to give a very brief account of my involvement with Renaults and particularly the Renault 4.

I started working for my elder brother back in the mid 80s as a mechanic. My brothers garage serviced and maintained a variety of vehicles with a good helping of 70s and 80s Renaults. The firm’s runabout was a 1973 R4TL which was thrashed mercilessly to collect spares or run trips to the shops. On one occasion we piled 50 or so old car batteries inside to take them to the scrap man, this made for an interesting drive it was on the bump stops and handled like it was drunk but it did it and lived to tell the tale.

I now run a small garage myself  where I indulge my passion of fixing and modifying R4s. I drive an 1985 F6 van pictured above as my daily commuter. I have fitted it with an R5 Gordini engine and a five speed gearbox which makes the motorway journey of approximately 400 miles per week a lot easier. It is still noisy and cold but it is great fun. My previous F6 ,a white one also did me proud I used it for five years and racked up over 70,000 miles before selling it back to the original owner who had first refusal on it. That van has a 1397cc type 847 engine fitted and when I recently serviced it I was pleased to see the mileage had just tripped  the 300,00 mark. The Renault 4 is a fantastic vehicle. it is the urban runabout, it is a mini MPV or a van.

The R4 was once regarded as boxy and dull but now it is having a renaissance and is regarded as cute, chic, and eminently  practical it is anti the modern trend towards big ugly and heavy.

If you have never owned an R4 go out and get one now as the prices are going up and up. You won’t be disappointed with your purchase. I am aware that we have a number or R4s in the club but apart from Mark we rarely see them at the events, when an R4 is on the club display it always attracts a lot of public attention so we would be very glad to see you out there enjoying the events with other club members.

Best wishes Derek

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