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Front Engine Cars  -  Renault 5 - Introduced 1972

R5 Registrar Tony Topliss 01476 573212

Introduced in 1972 available in France with a 782cc engine and in the UK as the 5L 845CC and the 5TL 956CC.

May 1975 saw the introduction of the TS and may 1976 the GTL  with the 5 Gordini shown for the first time in the UK during the 1978 motor show.

Much is published about the R5 GT and Turbo but where are all the early R5s which served so many Families well as everyday transport which was comfortable economical and very practical.

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Interesting road test  published in AutoCar in February 1973 note the servicing costs quoted as £3 per hour and the cost of a 6000 mile service £2.35.

Click here to download pdf of AutoCar Road Test

road test.pdf

R5 Alpine Turbo