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Front Engine Cars  -  Renault 6 - 1969 - 1979

Unfortunately very few Renault 6s seem to have survived in the UK and the number of cars in the club is very small.

Introduced in 1968 to fill the gap between the 4 and the 16 the six had more comfort better ventilation and heating and a less Spartan  finish. 1.5 million cars were produced with differing finish and engines before production ended in 1979.

Engine: Front wheel drive, Four in line , detachable wet liners, overhead push rods and rockers single roller chain driven camshaft. cylinder head light allow ,shrunk in valve seats. Cooling system sealed containing water and glycol with rust inhibitor . Protection down to -35C.

I have been having a further look at the how many left website and am finding it difficult to make sense of the numbers.

If you look by year of registration the majority of the cars listed are post year 2000 which does not make any sense to me. If you look at the years of registration we come to R6 1970 3   R6L  1971 1   1975 1 Yet we know Richard Allen and myself both have 1972 cars so that would bring the total to 4, R 6 TL  1971 1  1972 1  1974 2  1975 1  1975 1  1978 1  Total 7 cars.

This would give an overall total of remaining cars of taxed or sorned of 12 cars

I can only conclude that the figures cannot be relied on, does anyone else have better information? If you have a Renault 6 please let us know so that we can get a better Idea of the remaining UK cars. We know for sure  Rob's TL Lee's TL Gary's TL The V reg TL Richard's L Gary's L

The two Irish TLs but not known whether northern or southern Ireland.

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