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First outing of 2002 The Phoenix at Hartley Wintney.

New Year's day gave the opportunity to take the cars for their first outing. We joined a local meeting at The Phoenix at Hartley Wintney Hants with many interesting cars from the 20s to the70s.The 4CVs attracted attention as soon as they arrived proving that there is interest in classic Renaults if we can get the cars out and seen.

Exeter Trial

Our 8/10 Registrar John Bennett was please to win a silver medal .The hill he failed was Normans hump which he has cleared in the past but not this time. John was particularly pleased to make Simms , the main stopper of the event, and was only one of three cars in his class to succeed.

Retromobile Paris

The theme of Retromobile this year was motor racing and many of the stands featured F1 or Rally prepared cars. The autojumble was improved over last year and many new classic Renault parts were available from the specialist suppliers. The club outing was a great success not only for the show but the pleasant evenings and the opportunity to meet so many of our members.   

Popham Airfield Hants

The club gazebo worked well in the inclement conditions, and served as a good "hide " to discuss our cars lined up outside. The autojumble was unusual as this primarily catered for plane nuts literally, the array of used instruments rescued from cockpits was impressive. Seeing John Bennett’s R8 trials car took me back to my days in 1988/ 1989 when I also did the MCCC rounds in an R8.


The club attended the Enfield Pageant of motoring and were lucky to have three good days for the Show. We met many interesting Renault enthusiasts who were delighted to see the cars on display again and a Retired Renault Technician who had prepared the cars for racing.

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