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The Phoenix at Hartley Wintney

New Year's day once again gave the opportunity to take the cars for their first outing. We joined a local meeting at The Phoenix at Hartley Wintney Hants with many interesting cars  This year the R16s were represented by Paul, Gary and Jacqueline.  John and Lorraine displayed Their recently acquired R8S while Roland and Gill brought their 4CV.

Bedford Classic Car Show 30th April - 1st May

Once again Len Kiff was able to win best club stand of the show with a good variety of models on display and a guest car this year a 1910 Taxi.

50 Years of the Renault Dauphine 60 Years of the 4CV  Cerny Airfield France

12 Cars and 24+ members enjoyed a wonderful weekend in France at the invitation of CAR Ile de France to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Renault Dauphine and 60th anniversary of the 4CV.We were treated to a wide variety of activities and a gala Dinner and lunch. The drive to and from the event was part of the adventure with all cars behaving well.   Pictures on CAR Ile de France website.

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