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Renault Classic Car Club   -  The Events Archives  2014

Popham - Dismal, damp and very, very wet! I had thought twice about going but as Roland had put the effort into organising the RCCC stand at Popham we set off in the pouring rain and arrived, still in the pouring rain at about 9:30 to find everyone huddled in the tent.

First to go at about 10 am was the Alpine but the rest of us stuck it out until after lunch. Benjamin and I had ours in the car as it was still wet, wet and even more wet outside. By one O'clock there was a constant stream of very damp vehicles leaving the site. As well as more long standing members it was good to meet Remus Azoitei who was there with his immaculate Renault 12 which really must be the best in the country. The attention to detail in its presentation is incredible! Jim Baumann was attending his first RCCC meet in his beautiful, recently restored Caravelle. His car is gracing the front cover of this issue. Tony Nappin's cute little 4CV was also having its first outing with a fresh MOT after some time off the road and was looking good.

Warren Marsh and other South West members took their cars to Clifton College Preparatory School in Bristol where a "Classic Car Wheeze" was held on the Upper School Playing Fields. Over 100 cars attended this event, ranging from a 1925 Tatra T11 racing car to a totally modern Lamborghini Aventador. As he has two classics he was only able to attend with the help of fellow club member Ben Courage. That may well be Warren's other car beside his 4CV.

NEC 2012 - Well, what a wonderful show we had at the NEC! I was most surprised when I arrived that they wanted my 1955 750 on a plinth! I willingly obliged and drove up the ramps onto this prestigious position.

I had driven from Huntingdon and had to get the car cleaned up properly for its part in our stand exhibit. Jeff put a drip tray under the engine/gearbox but there wasn't a single spot of oil at all at the end of the 4 days – maybe there was no oil in it! It was a very relaxed atmosphere and we had plenty of laughs.

Club members and the general public were most complimentary about our Club and the cars on show. It is all worthwhile when you receive thanks for help and advice given to visitors to further their interests in the Renault Classics. Thank you all for making the trip and spending your cash to see us. Thanks also to the RAOC guys for sharing the leg-pulling. In the photo we have John Pigeon’s R11 Broadway and Richard Allen’s 1964 R8. Also Robert Doran’s lovely R4 F6 Forgon beautifully restored which had travelled at 70 mph from Exmouth!

In the people column L to R is Remus, Gary, John, Danut and yours truly. Danut's work on Remus's R12 won 2nd prize on the Meguires stand beating a £250,000 Ferrari in the process! Well done Remus and Danut!

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