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Knebworth - What a turn out and what a lovely day! A bit chilly first thing but it soon warmed up and the sun shone constantly, Benjamin drove my Caravelle and I was in my 10. We had to leave at 4 as Benjamin had to take the Caravelle home and then drive back to Luton where he has a year's placement with Vauxhall. The line up on the back row from near to far included Richard Allen's 8, Caravelles belonging to Len Kiff & myself, my red 10 and finally the 5 driven by John Cadogan. In the front row, Richard Heskell's 750, Gerald Pratchet's 16, John Hart's 16, Wayne Johnson's 15, Robin Redrups's 750 Van and Mike Stokes's 16.

Organised by Len Kiff this was a really encouraging turnout with a good selection of cars attending. The show itself was far better attended than in previous years with an estimated 1000 cars being present.

Bromley - An enormous show and a really good turn out on the Renault Alpine Owners' Club stand, which was, as always, superbly organised by Stephen Dell. We had our own section of the stand and the worlds largest collection of Renault 6s courtesy of Lee Modica. Jason Crawley's immaculate R20, a prize winning car, was parked next to Wayne Johnson's equally well presented R15. It was good to see Steffan Mather again with his early Renault 10, a car which has been in his family for a long time.

French R4 gathering - Well we had a great time in France. Becky's R4, just out of restoration, covered about 800 miles fully loaded (including the kitchen sink!). According to the latest 4L magazine the event was regarded as a success with about 1000 R4s in attendance. The British mob consisted of Brian and Rita in a yellow GTL with sunflowers. Henry in a blue 1968 car with 1108cc and 5 speed. Michael and family in a red GTL. Brian and Amanda in a Red GTL. Andy and friends in a red GTL. Myself, Becky, Harry and Eleanor in a silver R4. There were also a few other Brits living in France who showed up for a beer and a chat. A special well done to Andy who had last minute problems and was fixing his head gasket on the day before leaving (heroic stuff).

The weather was glorious and about time too, so we had plenty of opportunities to discuss all things R4 related with like minded friends. Brian A.K.A. “La Dazzler” with the yellow R4, gained this title after testing out his new roof mounted spot lights on the multitude of camping Frenchies. It's a wonder they never tried to arrest him using an ex Gendarme R4 complete with blue flashing light and old style siren. The cheers from the crowd suggested that we are making many friends in France, if only we had longer over there to perfect our French speaking technique.

Popham - What a change from last year. The sun was shining, the field was dry and we were there! Overall a good turnout at this show which combines aircraft with vehicles, although we could have done with a few more Renaults! The club stand was arranged by Roland Poole and I hope that I haven't missed anyone out but with more recent events throughout this summer early May seems a very long time ago.

This was the last outing for my 10 with its 1100 engine. Once we got home I removed the old engine in order to install a 1300 from a 12TS. This supposedly easy job didn't actually go to plan and it was three months before the little car was to hit the road again, although with somewhat renewed energy.

Jim Baumann's beautiful Caravelle with slightly different badging as I understand it was originally an export model.

Roland Poole's lovely little 4CV in front of his luxurious motor home! Finally, Tony Nappin's Killmanjaro White Floride looking as stunning as ever

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